WordCamp – Mexico City 2017 Organization

Volunteer – team leader and country representative

Since three years ago, I am a member of the WordPress Community in Mexico City giving support to people on Facebook or in several forums. We also plan monthly meetings along the year for all kind of people. I begun all this with one purpose: sharing my knowledge.

Last year I decided I was prepared to organize a WordCamp with other 3 friends, I called to other volunteers and staff and started the great and big project. This is an annual event where speakers talk about coding, digital marketing, SEO, e-commerce, plugins, UX and other topics, but all related to WordPress.

One of the most significant achievements I wanted to reach during this project was getting together designers, developers and bloggers in the same place. The 250 attendees had the chance to learn different skills and important information from 17 speakers during a whole day. I was so amazed at the positive experience and moreover, that it surpassed all the attendees’ expectations.

This is one of my biggest dreams came true. I faced issues, I solved them and broke my self boundaries getting out of my confort zone. In this process, we had to make the design for the logo, for the advertisements, the speakers’ cards, badges, t-shirts, gift bags and also the website design and development. It was a really exhausting volunteer work, but I can say it was worth it every second.

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