Tutto Dolce – Branding, Marketing & Website

Handcrafted candies – Mexican company

This project started because Tutto Dolce had none branding, an integrated digital strategy was developed in order meet the goals. Website, videos, photographs and digital marketing were part of the sales plan.

I chose this work because is an integral project of different disciplines. During this project, some business skills have been developed such as niche definition, market insights, market segmentation and statistics analysis. This project not only is fun but also challenging, regarding combine full technical development of the videos, coding and photo shooting based on the market strategy designed with the business owner.



In this case the website was realised in WordPress but with a special focus on Google positioning: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) due to the high competition on Mexico City in the candy bar business.

I positioned the brand on Google Maps, Google Images and Rich Snippets.

The link for the website is tuttodolce.com.mx


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