The Happening – Website Creation

Lifestyle and luxury magazine

My responsibility during this project was the design and web development of the site, working as a team member of the design agency named Dreams engineering. The human senses inspired this website. Thereby, each section had a different colours and layout.

Primary duties for the Web design included: creating a totally new fully-responsive template for WordPress and complementing it with PHP functions, JS and CSS3. Besides, it was integrated with Google DFP and dynamic content for ads. Due to the massive daily traffic on the site I faced some issues and it was necessary some speed testing and optimization trials.

It is one of my most complex website I’ve ever programmed, that’s why I chose it. I learnt the advantages of planning, working side by side with my coworkers and deliver on time every stage of the project to the client. The link is thehappening.com

I can’t post any code because of confidential use.

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