Techo – Integral Project for a Non-profit organization

Nowadays Mexico has 125 million inhabitants, unfortunately 50% face poverty. Within that percentage, at least 18 million Mexicans live in provisional houses without basic conditions of wellness.

Thus, TECHO developed strategies to provide wooden houses for the people. Not only they require donations but also need to aware the rest of the society. Therefore, the project was aimed to share the insights of this situation by stand in someone else’s shoes and motivate the people to donate with the copy “Put on his head”.

As an integral team of three designers with different backgrounds (industrial, graphic and interactive design) we built one wireless cabin where the people could watch a 2 minute-video animated with audio and sensorial materials.

The installation was showed up in 3 universities and the people had to insert a coin to interact with the structure without knowing the purpose.

The design process and use of technology was essential, a whole experience was produced by using fans, lights and video. At the end of this project, what I learnt is that we can merge the technology and sociology areas, to improve the perspective and the manner citizens think and act.


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